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Imran Shaikh

Imran Shaikh

I am an elastic compute enthusiast and I am trying to develop and deploy elastic compute technologies that work at über scale. Technologies that automatically adapts its capacity(resources) to workload over time is what drives me.

I am a proven technical leader with an industry experience of 12+ years working with Fortune 500 companies. I have worked extensively leading, developing, architecting and managing cloud and distributed computing technologies at YP and Yahoo. I have substantial experience running a globally distributed production environment on thousands of systems running hundreds of application in a complex, fast moving and mission critical environment.

I have given talks at various industry leading conferences like USENIX, MesosCon and SCALE regarding container technologies, its challenges and solutions. If you see me at any of these conferences, please feel free to hit me up to talk about your experiences or challenges or potential solutions.

You can also reach me directly from here:

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